Duct Cleaning

ServiceMaster utilizes only "True Duct Cleaning"
What you breathe is not something that we take lightly.
 Instead of a single system of cleaning ducts and vents, a multi-step process is utilized. Unlike many that claim duct cleaning by simply vacuuming registers, we only perform total system service, insuring you of the highest level of indoor air quality.

  1. A combination of a rotating brush and air pressure is used.
  2. A HEPA collection unit is used
  3. Sanitization is always a must
  4. Protective applications are always used 
  5. Pre-inspection with a camera 
  6. Post-inspection with a camera

True Duct Cleaning Includes:
  1. The return 
  2. The return trunk(s)
  3. Blower
  4. Coil
  5. Air handling unit
  6. Vents
  7. supply lines
  8. supply trunk
  9. both plenums
  10. drain
  11. condensate pump
  12. antimicrobial treatment
  13. mildew-stat
  14. mildewcide