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  Our Residential Soil and Stain Protection comes with a 12 month Spot and Spill Service Agreement to help keep your home always , in a freshly cleaned appearance.

    November and December are the most critical for your investments.- You want everything to look its best for guests..then, after the festivities, you want everything fresh and clean again...adding to spills and accidents, rainy weather, leaves, snow, and mud are worse this time of year.
    To help with this, Thorough Clean offers our Soil and Stain Protection at 50% off, during November and December.- still with the same outstanding 12 month spot and Spill service agreement for you.
    Referral Program- Just by mentioning your name to us, friends that haven't enjoyed our services previously, will receive 10% off their cleaning....and, you will receive 10% of whatever services that they use, off of your next service.